I first met Maeghan when I photographed her maternity session at Cavallo Point in Sausalito- one of my favorite places to photograph. The area has a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. It’s a backdrop that is second to none if you love the Bay Area. Maeghan booked my Bump to Baby package, which includes both maternity and an in-home newborn session, so I knew I was going to see her again fairly soon once Baby Cade arrived. Maeghan is a genuinely sweet person and I knew she would make a great mom to the little guy.

Unlike the spacious maternity session we did in and around Cavallo, we photographed Baby Cade almost exclusively in his nursery since their home was under renovation. He didn’t seem to mind and stayed calm almost the entire time. He cried a little bit about halfway through the session, so we too a little break so Maeghan could feed him. I think she was concerned about how much time that would take up. Not even an issue for me! I typically expect that the mom will need to feed the baby at some point during our time together so there’s no time limit during an in-home newborn session. The session usually takes around one and half to two hours. That’s plenty of time!

Anyway, Baby Cade was such a little sweetie and has such a great family. His dad was very active in the session and wanted to be in almost every picture.  Not to mention their enormous dog, Riley, who tried to make his way into every picture as well. It’s easy to get great pictures even in such a small room when everyone wants to be in them so badly!

In-Home Newborn Session in San Francisco, by Katie Rain Photography

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. Boe just turned one year old! It’s like the year went by in a blink of an eye. Though these pictures mark his first year photography session, I feel like it was just yesterday I photographed him at 6 months. As I was going through the photos after the session, I kept looking back at the ones I took when he was a newborn and 3 months as well. It was so amazing to see how much bigger he has gotten- yet he’s still the same. I think that’s the sweetest thing about him. You can still see his cute little newborn face in his one year old smile.

I love going to this house.  There’s so much light, and no shortage of interesting places to photograph. I especially enjoy photographing Boe against the blueish-green exterior. His eyes are almost the same exact color and it’s remarkable to see how beautiful they look in this setting. Also, his nursery has bright white walls and large windows that impart a really warm feeling to the room. If I was a baby, this would be the room I would want to sleep in.

Having photographed Boe for the past year, I’ve gotten to know this family up close, and I can say they are two of the most nurturing and loving parents around. You can see that come out in their photos with him. This first year photography session with Boe has allowed me to document his milestones, and has also brought me closer to seeing how all parents will do just about anything for their children.

First Year Photography Session, by Katie Rain

First Year Photography Session, by Katie Rain





One of the best things about being a newborn and family photographer is that I can watch the families that I photograph grow. I’m always honored when a past client calls me to return to photograph their new addition or to document their children as they get bigger.  Not only does it make me feel good about doing what I do, but it’s a sweet sentiment by the family that they want to have their children’s lives documented so often. A lifestyle in-home newborn session really has its advantages of capturing a family in the most endearing way.

I’ve photographed this family since their first child, Camden, was a newborn. I’ve returned to their home several times to document his growth and personality over his first couple years. So I was really excited for them when they announced Baby Asher was coming along. I was even more excited when they called me to photograph his arrival.

He was such a delight to photograph. He stayed asleep for a good part of the session, but when he awoke, he had the sweetest little grin. It’s almost as if he knew he was on camera. I could also see that Camden was thrilled to have a little brother. He was so excited! I’m going to miss them as they move on to the next chapter of their lives down in Southern California, but I know I’ll see them again in the future when they come to visit.

Lifestyle In-Home Newborn Session by Katie Rain Photography


Before I start an in-home newborn session, I always try to take a look around to get a feel for the space I’m photographing. Sometimes my clients are concerned that their house or apartment might be too small. Sometimes they’re concerned their home may not have enough light for great photos. I always tell clients not to worry! I always find a way to make the session memorable- even in the toughest of conditions.

This session for Valentina was so special. I met her parents a few weeks prior for their maternity session, and we hit it off right away. They are funny and warm, always cracking jokes and hugging each other! Valentina just stared at the camera and eventually passed out, probably from boredom, ha!

I really enjoyed documenting this day for Valentina and her parents. Though their house was very close quarters, we made it work by finding the perfect pockets of light and a great window. I always bring a piece of fur to keep handy to lay the baby on. When the baby’s face picks up the light while laying on the fur, the image is spectacular. The simplest little thing can make for such an adorable picture. An in-home newborn session makes for beautiful photos!

In-Home Newborn Session, by Katie Rain


I’m so glad I have the opportunity to photograph Maddox throughout his first year. He’s such a sweet little guy! His parents were thoughtful enough to get the Once Around the Sun package – a first year photography session that documents the baby from newborn, then at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year old.

It’s such a great experience watching a baby grow in these pivotal stages. I think it’s a little shocking to some parents when they see just how much bigger their little one has gotten in such a small period of time. It’s hard to see sometimes just how much a child grows in three months when you see him everyday. It’s such a treat having photos to document such a special time.

This little guy has it all. He’s so cute and has such a beautiful family. You can tell just how much they really love having him around in the photos. Even his big sister, Amelia, shows just how much she loves him. This family also knows how to make everyone feel very special. Maddox may be the new kid on the block, but they made sure to show Amelia the same amount of attention and love as they always had.

Baby's First Year Photography Session, by Katie Rain



I’m so glad baby Evie finally came so I could do her newborn photography session. I first photographed her mom, Jennifer, for a maternity session at Baker Beach during a cooler day in San Francisco a few months back and had a wonderful time. Such a good time, in fact, that I was really looking forward to the day when Evie would come and we could all meet again. Even their dog, Charlie, took part in Evie’s shoot!

I love their home. It had such great light and a really good feel. I always look around for the best spots before I start shooting, but in their home, everywhere worked. Love when that happens! Baby Evie was so sweet and had the cutest smile. Even better, she was awake the entire session. You could really see her eyes and whole personality.  You could tell she felt right at home and safe with her mom and dad. They just loved her so much! They couldn’t stop looking at her and fawning all over her (even Charlie was fawning all over her). I know that’s just how it goes with a newborn, but they seemed extra special with her.

Take a look!

Newborn Photography San Francisco, by Katie Rain





I usually stick to just a handful or two of places for my family photography sessions. It helps to know the location well and when the light and background work to create the best possible photograph. However, since I just opened a new studio in Petaluma, I wanted to explore in and around the area to get a feel for it, and maybe find some great new locations to add to my list.

I’m glad I did. And when I had the opportunity to photograph this lovely family, I got the chance to have some fun. I traveled just a few miles north of the studio to Santa Rosa to photograph them at Luther Burbank Home and Gardens. 

They were such a pleasure to photograph, and so easy! Some families are overly concerned that their kids won’t be cooperative during the session. I always ensure the parents not to worry and to let the kids run around a little. It not only makes for a less stressful photo session, it makes for great pictures! These kids were jumping around on rocks and having a great time together. There was no shortage of photos for me to document. And when it came time to do some pictures of them all together, the kids were more than willing. When it comes to families, giving a little can get you a lot.

Family Photography in Petaluma, by Katie Rain



Every year I try to donate a photography session to a deserving family and I can’t think of a more deserving family than this one! My daughter’s teacher is aunt to these lovely girls. Her eldest niece was in the car with her father when they were hit by a drunk driver and she was paralyzed. I can’t imagine the pain and anger and sadness that followed the accident, but they are moving forward with grace and joy. I’m happy I was able to document them this year and I hope to see them again in the future!

I loved this low-key backyard photo session! It’s great when parents can relax and play with their kids. It makes for much more interesting images and is way less stressful.