Baby Hollis may have one of the coolest nurseries I’ve even seen. His parents really went over the top with his music-themed room. There were really interesting framed prints of Tupac and Biggie on his wall, and also a bit of what appeared to be a Motown element to the room. I love it when parents get really into decorating their baby’s nursery. It’s a pleasure for me to do an in home newborn photography session in such a clever environment. It makes it easy on me.

Hollis and his parents were also a very easy trio to photograph. They  just loved holding him the entire time and nestling their noses together. He even struck a smile while he was resting on his mom, Jen’s, shoulders. The smile may have just been photo serendipity, but I think Hollis knew his mommy was holding him and he couldn’t help but be happy and comfortable. You could see just how much care they took in holding and cuddling him. They were so natural with each other that I felt like maybe they forgot I was in the room to photograph them.

In the end, I just loved this session. A beautiful family!

In Home Newborn Photography Session, by Katie Rain




coolest nursery i’ve ever seen. biggie and tupac- music themed.

I had a wonderful time meeting Baby Trey and capturing his sweet smile at such a pivotal age. I’m glad I had the opportunity to photograph his mom, Joey, at Cavallo Point for her maternity session before he arrived. It gave me the chance to become comfortable with the family and to know how they all interact together before I did his in-home newborn session.

I’ve also always liked the name Trey. It’s so simple and rolls right off the tongue. Trey. This family, however, had a clever reason for naming him Trey. It’s because his name really isn’t Trey, it’s Jon. But since this little one came third in a line of all Jon’s, they call him Trey. Smart!

The entire family was around for Baby Trey’s newborn session. Both sides. It’s pretty rare when I come across a family that’s so close that all family members, even the extended family, are on deck for photos. You usually only see that type of turnout at a wedding. It’s nice they were all there. It made for such sweet photos of everyone interacting with him. Some families concern themselves that too many people around will upset the baby, that there will be too much of the child going back and forth. This family was very aware, and ensured he felt safe and comfortable the entire time. He barely even cried the whole time! Having an in-home newborn session goes a long way to making great memories!

In-Home Newborn Session for Baby Trey, by Katie Rain


For those of you who follow my blog, you might recognize Constance. I photographed a maternity session for her a couple years back and later returned for a newborn session when Baby Sophia came along. Now Baby Sophia is a toddler, and I was thrilled when Constance called me for another maternity photography session. Sophia is going to have a sibling! I love siblings. So special.

This time around we met on a beautiful day at their home in Healdsburg. Some days are hit or miss, but this one was spectacular. Lots of sun and just the right amount of clouds to get a great variety of photos. I’m glad we included everyone in the maternity session. You might think they’re only for the mom-to-be and the partner, but I say bring on the kids, too! They add such a special quality to the session. Constance appeared at times to be a little concerned that Sophia wasn’t smiling during the session, but I eased her worries. I had already taken so many great pictures of Sophia.

The day was so lovely that we were able to photograph everywhere outside, so I took advantage where I could. We used the pool area, the swings, the garden- everywhere. With all the options, my camera was overflowing with photos. I love the luster of these photos. So much color!

The best part of the whole session were the in-between moments when I got to watch everyone play together. This family really shows their love for one another. The new baby is very lucky!

Maternity Photography Session in Healdsburg, by Katie Rain Photography

I’m really into interior decor. Ask my husband. I can’t stop talking about how much I want to tear down a wall or put in new lights or paint. That’s part of the reason why I love newborn photography. Not only do I enjoy documenting these little newbies in their home, but I also get the opportunity to see how my clients decorate. Further, it gives me great ideas and inspiration for my own home. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come home and talked about how incredible a house I was in, or how great a couch the family had, or even just the fact that they had a bowl of candy and fresh flowers in every room (a great touch, btw!).

All that being said, I’ve seen cute nurseries before, but Baby William’s might be the most adorable one I’ve ever come across. Seriously, if I were an interior photographer, I might choose to ask this lovely family if I could use their nursery for a magazine ad- newborn photography or not. It was that cute! The bedroom was beautiful, with long white curtains and tons of light. It felt just like a photo studio. It had an incredibly calming tone in there. Exactly how a home is supposed to feel. Baby William was a little fussy that day, but nothing a quick pop of the pacifier couldn’t fix. I had a great time photographing him in such an adorable setting.

Lifestyle Newborn Photography, by Katie Rain

Rena is a close friend of mine and lives in Los Angeles. The moment she told me she was pregnant I think I nearly screamed I was so happy for her. I book clients frequently in LA and travel there often so I made sure to clear my schedule and fly down there once Baby Izzy was born. I was really excited to meet him!

Rena has a naturally vibrant and outgoing personality so I was really interested in seeing what this little guy’s personality would be like. It was amazing to see how alike they are with just a few of his expressions. He has her smile and charm and cooed when she held him.

Also, I love seeing how people immediately change when they have their first baby. Especially ones that I know well, like Rena. I was able to see a side of her I never saw before. Baby Izzy brought out a really sweetest part of her. Her interaction with him was so natural and caring as if she had been doing this forever. She was genuinely ecstatic (and a bit exhausted) to be a new mom.

Spending time with her that day made my whole week- I traveled to LA, photographed a good friend, and met the cutest little baby!

Best Newborn Photographer in Los Angeles, Katie Rain

Newborn Photography in Los Angeles, by Katie Rain

It’s very helpful to have so many beautiful places to photograph families in the Bay Area. It makes it a lot easier for me when I have a repeat client and need to mix it up a bit. Having that variety takes stress off the session because both the parents and kids have a new place to explore. This family photography session took place at Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland. Great place for photos!

This family is a repeat client of mine and I always have a great time with them. They are one of the most outgoing as well as easygoing families that I know. The kids always have fun together and never seem to get bored of playing with one another. They just run around and around endlessly. I don’t think they ever get tired!

Further, the dad put up prints of our previous family sessions all over his office. I always emphasize to my clients to order prints of their photos. It really does make a difference when you see the photos hanging on a wall, or when you can hold the photo in your hand. Remember the time when you could only have prints?  Seems like a century ago.

I look forward to the next family photography session with them. I hope we find another really great spot to get some spectacular pictures. Look how cute the are together!

Family Photography Session in Oakland, by Katie Rain Photography

What a sweet baby girl! Penelope was so cute and showed her smile from the moment I started photographing her through the end of the session. It helped that her parents were always giving her snuggles. Some parents are more hands-off during an in-home newborn photography session and want the baby swaddled and posed. I prefer the opposite, a lifestyle newborn session, when the parents are involved the entire time. It adds more meaning and context to the pictures when their lifestyle is captured. It also helps to keep the baby happy and content.

Amy and her husband wouldn’t have it any other way. Both of them wanted to be in every picture. Moreover, since they were so actively involved, I could step into the background and photograph from a distance for some amazing lifestyle photos. Even when they were in different rooms, they showed how much they wanted to be close to one another. You can see it in how they look at Penelope and how they look at each other. Pure love!

I was honored and privileged to have photographed this beautiful family. Not only do they make parenting look easy and fun, they genuinely have a special touch with one another that reflects in their photos.

Baby P's In-Home Newborn Photography Session, by Katie Rain

The 100th day of life is a really big milestone in Korean culture. I believe it has to do with the baby and mother having gotten through what is typically a crucial time period in both their lives. I was delighted to have the opportunity to photograph Olivia and her family for the 100th day celebration.

When I first arrived, Olivia was all dolled up in a white onesie with a beautiful lace dress and a light pink rosette headband. She looked so adorable! You can tell that this was a special day to be all dressed up like that. She looked so sweet in her mom’s arms- not quite a newborn, not quite a one year old. Olivia was at that perfect age when expressiveness and personality start to come out.  The age when you can see how much she resembles her parents.

Since the occasion is a cause for celebration, Olivia’s parents wanted her in a couple of different outfits to document the day, so she was changed into a cute blue dress. I always welcome a wardrobe change. Such a slight change in clothing made Olivia’s eyes pop, and changed her personality during the session. It was almost as if she preferred the blue. Maybe it’ll be her favorite color when she grows up!

100th Day Celebration, by Katie Rain Photography

I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to photograph Baby Nicolas’ big sister, Olympia, when she arrived. I remember my conversation with her mom, Myriam, during the session. She and her husband wanted four children. So when Baby Nicolas came along, I was thrilled for them and jumped at the chance to photograph him in a lifestyle newborn session. They’re halfway there!

I truly enjoyed my time with them. These are two of the most excited and hands-on parents I’ve met. They both equally wanted to be in every picture, so I was able to get a great variety of family photos. In fact, even Olympia shared their excitement and took over parts of the session- she’s grown into such a beautiful little toddler.

Also, their home had such great light and a warm atmosphere. That really helped in capturing the sentimental moment in each picture. Nicolas’ dad was elated to have a little boy in his arms, and Olympia couldn’t help but fawn over her little brother. Not to mention Myriam, who couldn’t contain her ear to ear smile when she held him.  I know they still want a couple more ruggers, but they look truly content with their beautiful little family as it is now.

Lifestyle Newborn Session, by Katie Rain Photography

I first met Maeghan when I photographed her maternity session at Cavallo Point in Sausalito- one of my favorite places to photograph. The area has a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. It’s a backdrop that is second to none if you love the Bay Area. Maeghan booked my Bump to Baby package, which includes both maternity and an in-home newborn session, so I knew I was going to see her again fairly soon once Baby Cade arrived. Maeghan is a genuinely sweet person and I knew she would make a great mom to the little guy.

Unlike the spacious maternity session we did in and around Cavallo, we photographed Baby Cade almost exclusively in his nursery since their home was under renovation. He didn’t seem to mind and stayed calm almost the entire time. He cried a little bit about halfway through the session, so we too a little break so Maeghan could feed him. I think she was concerned about how much time that would take up. Not even an issue for me! I typically expect that the mom will need to feed the baby at some point during our time together so there’s no time limit during an in-home newborn session. The session usually takes around one and half to two hours. That’s plenty of time!

Anyway, Baby Cade was such a little sweetie and has such a great family. His dad was very active in the session and wanted to be in almost every picture.  Not to mention their enormous dog, Riley, who tried to make his way into every picture as well. It’s easy to get great pictures even in such a small room when everyone wants to be in them so badly!

In-Home Newborn Session in San Francisco, by Katie Rain Photography