The best thing about being an in-home newborn photographer is getting to document the baby in their first home environment. Many families who have their first child in the city end up moving out to the suburbs as the child grows up, so I know these images will be extra special years from now when Marian wants to see pictures of her first home. Congratulations you guys- she’s precious!

As kids, my cousin Leni and I would always look forward to family get-togethers and vacations. We are only a few months apart and we lived in New York at the same time while she was at Columbia and I was at NYU. I am so excited for her to have her first baby, I only wish he lived closer! She was in San Francisco for her baby shower, so I got to give her belly a big hug!

These world travelers are new to the Bay Area and have the cutest new baby! Hannah was so darling and slept the entire session. I love keeping my newborn sessions very simple and natural, focusing mostly on the sweet moments that happen between parents and baby. I hope they stay in the Bay Area so I can see them throughout the years- such a great family!

I am embarking on a new personal project this year called “5 Year Journey: Motherhood.” I will be photographing a handful of select women who are not yet moms, but who hope to be in the future. I will photograph them again in 5 years to see where they are, what they are doing, and if their ideas of motherhood mesh with their ideas of motherhood before.

Here is one of my first subjects, Shannon!

I love seeing the change that happens the minute a woman become a mom. When I first met K for her maternity session, she was so nervous and felt uncomfortable getting photographed. When I came back for the newborn session, she was so calm and totally at peace with her sweet baby. It was a beautiful reminder that mother nature has our back and falling into the role of “mom” is pretty effortless. Congratulations on a very sweet and adorable baby!

There are a few special clients that choose to do my Once Around the Sun package, which consists of a photography session every 3 months during their child’s first year of life. It’s such a joy every time I see Brianna and Pete, I really feel like they are old friends now! Boe is the easiest baby and is always ready to smile for me.

I photographed them at Blackie’s Pasture in Tiburon on a super rainy day. We decided to go for it, and we ended up shooting in a 30 minute non-raining window. It worked out great and I love the mood of the sky! I can’t believe we only have one more session before we complete this package. I’ve enjoyed watching Boe grow!

It’s always an honor when people invite me into their home and space for a photographing session. I know how overwhelming it is to bring home a baby from the hospital so I make sure to be extra gentle and calm. I’m also there as a sounding board for new moms who want some reassurance that it’s going to get easier and eventually their baby will sleep through the night. I feel lucky that this is my job and I truly love all the babies I meet. They hold a special place in my heart!

I know it will be a good newborn session when I meet the parents and they say, “We love how your style is so natural and you don’t use a lot of props!” That is music to my ears! I loved getting to know Madeline and her awesome parents. Their dog was pretty cute too!


My style has changed quite a bit in the last few years. When I first met the S family for a newborn photography session, I brought a bag full of hats, a duffle bag full of wraps and blankets, and a giant beanbag to pose the baby on. I thought that getting the baby posed on a blanket was what my clients wanted, but I quickly realized that they loved the lifestyle/candid photos best (and I did too!)

Now I arrive with my two cameras, a piece of fur, and maybe a few swaddle options. I love it! I get to be creative in the space and every session is unique and wonderful. I’m glad I was able to let-go of the idea that newborn photography = super posed. I’m curious to see how much my style changes in the next 3 years!

I love that Liz and Chris said, “We are totally not cool enough to take pictures in Clarion Alley, but we want to do it anyway!” I have never worked in there before, so it was really fun to explore a cool new San Francisco location. I love that Liz was super relaxed and ready to try anything that I threw her way. I am looking forward to meeting their sweet baby in just a few more weeks!

Oh, and see the cool image on the bottom where they are walking with a lot of blurriness? I just purchased a LensBaby to start incorporating into my sessions. So far, so fun! Here are the details if you want to check it out!

Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Sweet 35 Optic for Canon EF