My business is based in San Francisco and New York City. I am also opening a studio in Petaluma in April 2017! I often travel throughout the Bay Area to meet clients- including the east bay and south bay.
I began taking photos at the age of 15 as a hobby. This is my 6th year as a professional– I love it!
Yes it is! I typically shoot 150-200 sessions per year.
Lifestyle photography is a style of shooting that focuses on real life, true moments, and ultimately creates timeless art. Although I do minimal posing to get people into nice light and position, the magic happens when I say something like, “OK, now tickle each other!” With newborn lifestyle, I thrive on documenting the baby in their environment with parents and siblings. It is natural and sweet, without using a bunch of props or photoshop to achieve an unnatural looking photo. If my style is what you are looking for, read on!
No, but my husband can! He is also a photographer and owns the company Lunch Break Headshots. That is his speciality. Check him out!


My newborn sessions typically happen when the baby is 1-4 weeks old. Because my style of photography is more about documenting the real interactions between parent and baby, there is no strict timeframe for us to follow, which is way less stressful than sitting for hours trying to get your baby to sleep for the photos! If your baby has already passed the 4 week mark, don’t panic! My newborn sessions are applicable to babies up to 3 months old.
I reserve your session on my calendar with your due date. I leave some space in my schedule to allow for early and late deliveries since it’s pretty unpredictable! Once the baby is born, shoot me an email and I will give you a few dates/times for you to choose from.
The full newborn session takes place in the comfort of your own home. Mini newborn sessions will be available in my Petaluma studio starting in April 2017. Please let me know beforehand if your apartment or home has poor natural light– I will make sure to bring a studio light! Your house does not have to be perfect and spotless. I am a mom- no judgements here!
Turn up the heat! Having a warm shooting space makes it much more comfortable for baby when s/he’s undressed. Try to avoid putting baby in anything that needs to be pulled over the head—a diaper and blanket is best so it’s easy to get undressed. Feedings and pacifiers are encouraged during the session to keep a happy baby!
It’s a personal choice! I like to suggest neutral colors, like navy, grey, cream, brown, plum, hunter, and black. Please avoid hot pink, bright orange, and any other neon colors– they reflect poorly onto skin tones! I think it looks best when adults wear solid colors so the focus is on the baby. Try to avoid “matching” each other, instead try to compliment each other’s outfits. The most important thing is so feel comfortable and be yourselves! Take a look at my blog post here if you are stuck.
Nope! I prefer not to use any props because I want the focus to be on your sweet baby, not your sweet baby in a weird position in a bowl. If you look at my galleries, you will see that my style is quite simple. I love using anything you have that is sentimental or meaningful to you, just make sure to let me know before we begin!
I get this question the most! Do not worry! I have done hundreds of newborn sessions and have dealt with a wide range of temperaments. Some babies are little angels and cooperate the entire session, while others might have an off day and need a little extra love. The end result is the same- beautiful pictures that document this special time in your life.
No way! Family and sibling shots are included and encouraged! I know you might be feeling bloated, sleep deprived, and un-photogenic, but let me tell you this now: I will gently nudge you to be in some pictures and here’s why. I have unfortunately dealt with the loss of one of my baby clients after he was only two months old. The newborn photos I took of the baby and the parents were some of the only pictures the mama had with her baby. As moms, we tend to always be behind the camera. I want to change that!


Family sessions take place at a mutually agreed upon outdoor location or in the comfort of your own home. I personally like to shoot at the Palace of Fine Arts, Cavallo Point, Sutro Heights Park, and Baker Beach. I am always open to new locations and suggestions!
The session usually lasts about 1 hour, depending on the mood of the kid(s). I get a lot of positive feedback about how quick and painless my sessions are– I am a very fast and efficient shooter.
Yes! I give a lot of direction during the photoshoot. I’ll tell you where to stand, where to look, and what to do. Don’t worry! The more natural and relaxed you are, the better the photos will turn out.
I offer a limited number of mini sessions throughout the year. If you are on my mailing list, you will be notified first!


Maternity sessions typically happen between 32-38 weeks. It’s best if you contact me during your first or second trimester to ensure availability.
Maternity sessions take place at a mutually agreed upon outdoor location or in the comfort of your own home. I personally like to shoot maternity at sunset since the golden glow is so gorgeous! My favorite location for these is Cavallo Point in Sausalito. Session includes one location.
Most of my clients choose to wear a long dress for part of the session and then change into a more casual option like jeans and a top. I also have maternity gowns available for you to slip on during the session to show off your baby bump.


2 weeks after the session, I will email you the link to your online gallery where you can view your images. You will have 1 week to make your selection of images, add-on a collection, or order prints a la carte.
Yes. After you view your online gallery, you will be able to select a set amount of images that are included with your package. I will then send you the files for download along with a print release. You can then print and share the files however you’d like!
I highly recommend using our professional printing lab. You can order prints directly through your gallery or take advantage of one of the print collections (they save you a lot of money!). Please please please (if you care about the quality and color of your photos) do not use the big box stores for printing! They are cheap for a reason. If you would like to print on your own, I am happy to refer you to a reputable lab.
I wish there was a magic photoshop button that would take away all the blemishes, stray hairs, and extra pounds. However, it is a very slow and complicated editing process which takes up A LOT of time. If there is a simple scratch on a face, or a smudge on a shirt, I will correct those without you having to ask. If there is a major retouching job, like removing baby acne, or those extra 10 pounds of baby weight, I can send specific files to my professional retoucher. The rate is $25/image so usually clients pick out their favorite 4 or 5 images that they want to have printed and retouch those so they look perfect.